Would you help?

Would you help?

We are all people interested in BDSM, right? And now I have got an unusual question that I would like to share with you...
Let me tell you a little story about one of our best friends

Meet Aris and Chelsea, a Dutch couple with their heart on the right place.
Chelsea is a (BDSM) sexworker and Aris is a former Dutch military veteran with PTSD. They both have an enormous big heart for animal rescuing.

They run an animal shelter in The Netherlands called "Animal Shelter Stella".

They don't get funds from Dutch government etcetera. All their own money goes to the animals.


Due to the COVID situation sexwork isn't allowed for a long time. And now they are in big trouble. At the moment they have about 80 animals and they can't pay the bills and they can't pay the rent for several months now.

A lot of money is needed at the moment ( €19.000.- / USD 22814 ) because otherwise they will be evicted with all the animals.

So I thought, maybe we could help them with a donation or sharing this story.

Would you like to help?
We sent 100% of all donations to Aris and Chelsea!


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