When chastity play becomes an art

Handmade chastity keys in silver and gold

We manufacture handmade chastity keys in gold and silver for you and your keyholder. No more steel factory keys around your neck or ankle but a beautiful handcrafted key in precious metal. com for your custum made chastity key

Handmade high quality chastity keys


My wife and keyholder would never wear a traditional key and always saw possessing the key as a chore. Since receiving your keys she has not taken of her necklace once. She wears it out in public very proudly and it has truly improved our dynamic immeasurably. There is no substitute for seeing your keyholder happy and proudly wearing the symbol of her ownership over you.


The key and lock arrived today. It's looks great and my wife is really happy with it.

Thank you so much - great product and great service.


Your customer support is hands down top notch.

I will be encouraging others to seek you out with very high ratings!

I really appreciate it when I get to work with professional people who are dedicated to their craftmanship.

I'm honered to have this from you.

Mark D.

My wife didn't want to carry an ordinary key. We discovered this jeweler and since then my wife rpoudly wears the symbol of her domination. The key is so beautiful that it raises a lot of questions ;)